06. Isus i njegov providnosni kurs

History after the Human Fall is preparing for the Messiah who will usher in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Jesus taught Complete Salvation which is very different from Salvation through the Crucifixion.

Many assume Jesus came to die on the cross. Jesus certainly died for our sins and made atonement. But was this the purpose for the Messiah’s coming? No.

The blood of Jesus was to create God’s lineage of true children. Instead, it became a necessary blood ransom payment to Satan because of human disbelief.

Throughout the Hebrew Bible, the LORD God used the “If… then…” type of counsel to the Jewish people, reminding them of their human portion of responsibility to manifest God’s Will on the earth

Jesus did not come to die on the cross. Jesus accepted crucifixion as God’s will only after the people failed to believe in and support Jesus as their Messiah and King of Israel.

Jesus Christ and John the Baptist possessed different understandings of God’s providence. This hindered Jesus’ acceptance among the people.

In order to accept Jesus self-proclamation as the Messiah, the Jewish people had to first believe that John the Baptist was the returning Elijah.

Through a revelation, John testifies that Jesus is the Son of God but John and his disciples fail to follow Jesus.

Three of my previous videos are put together here to give a full account of John’s legacy. If the Second Coming of Elijah was through John, what about the Second Coming of Jesus?

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