05. Principi obnove i posljednji dani

Supernatural phenomenon seem to occur in the Biblical Last Days. To understand it correctly, one must remember what God is seeking to establish -and abolish.

In the worldview of Unificationism, salvation is God’s work to restore fallen humanity to their original state.

Four trends in human history are directing humanity collectively back to their original state.

The Biblical End Times (Last Days) is a time of transition from Satanic sovereignty to Heavenly sovereignty.

Bible verses about supernatural phenomenon in the End Times of human history are explained.

A world social environment of spirituality, human freedom, human value and universal love has been prepared in order for the Messiah to then complete the restoration of the fallen world to its original state.

World preparation for the Second Blessing from God

Two kinds of Human Dominion over the natural world are being restored as Humankind returns to their original position and value under God and True Parents.

Truth is eternal and unchanging but its expression in human history changes and develops.

Jesus had always wanted to share more truth but it was too hard for the people to understand. Hence, the Bible is an interim textbook of truth.

The Spirit of Truth will reveal the unspoken words of Jesus.

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