04. Čovjekov pad

Chapter 2 explores the origin of evil and fallen human nature.

Like the forbidden fruit (video #34), the Tree of Life represents something Adam desired.

In the Bible, there were two unusual trees in the Garden of Eden. One imparted eternal life and the other, death. Were these literal trees or were they real in another sense?

The symbols of the serpent and the forbidden fruit in the Genesis story from the Bible are explained.

The original sin is revealed.

Excessive desire and premature desire formed a common base.

Why did God create the Power of Love stronger than the Force of the Principle when it allows for the possibility of deviant love?

Satan’s power over humanity is explained.

Satanic power will not last forever.

Four kinds of sin

Feeling envy, the serpent tempted God’s beloved and multiplied the fallen characteristics.

Lucifer struggled with envy towards humankind. Driven by fear and insecurity rather than love and faith, Satan corrupted our human character as well as his own.

Some dark emotions can still help us to grow and better ourselves.

True Freedom has three characteristics.

God wanted this world to be full of joy and love but instead, we have sorrow and tragedies galore. What went wrong? Why did a good God allow this to take place? Is it God’s fault or is there another explanation?

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