03. Principi duhovnog rasta čovjeka i njegov položaj u svemiru

The Divine Principle explains what it perceives to be beautiful, to be good and to be righteous.

All life develops through stages and time periods. The cosmos is no exception to this natural law. The biblical account of 6 stages (days) resembles the scientific theory.

Religion (seeking meaning and purpose) and Science (explaining phenomenon through natural laws) should be harmonized. This is such an attempt.

The Bible informs us that Adam & Eve were not created perfect. The Bible also rejects the fundamentalist belief in 6 literal days of creation since a “day” in the Genesis account is not 24 hours.

The difference between human beings and the creation is addressed. Moreover, this video informs us that human fall has limited our collective human growth towards perfection.

The important role of human beings in the physical and spiritual worlds is explained.

God created human beings to achieve 3 positions in the cosmos. Jesus accomplished this as the new Adam but was prevented from sharing this achievement with humankind.

Life after physical death (introduced earlier when discussing the Kingdom of Heaven in video #21), is now explained more fully.

How does one grow in the Spirit? Two kinds of energy are necessary to have a wholesome spirit self and physical self. Human actions play an important role. In short, faith without works, can’t grow the eternal self.

The physical life is necessary for the growth of the human spirit towards God and divinity.

The conscience always directs us toward what we think is good. Yet, the relative standards of goodness have caused contention. The original mind however, can correct the conscience.

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