02. Izvorna vrijednost čovjeka

Human beings and the creation have a reciprocal mutually-dependent relationship centered on God.

In the DP, this is the first substantial consideration of Adam & Eve, the first human man and woman, according to the Bible.

Summary & Insights from Section 2 (UPE, GTA & 4PF)

By understanding God’s intentions, we can discover the purpose of creation.

How can God be happy all by Himself? What is the definition of goodness? Answers are introduced here.

Creation is composed of relational entities; everything exists for the sake of others and itself.

Joy requires one of two types of object partners.

The 3 Blessings (Genesis 1:28) explain the “Ideal of Creation” which imparts divine joy (Purpose of Creation).

The concept of True Parents is introduced.

The original value of creation (or any material wealth), comes from two sources (and not from personal want alone).

Human mind has 3 components. Human value embodies 3 things.

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