01. Principi Božjeg stvaranja

Questions about the meaning of life & goodness have not been satisfactorily answered because people have not understood causal reality.

We can learn about the origin of the creation (God) by discerning some universal attributes in the cosmos which originate in God.

Whether its natural law or the mind, certain attributes of our existence are invisible. This duality of visible-invisible can help us discern something about the initial cause of the cosmos.

The two kinds of cosmic dualisms (videos 2 & 3) are now applied deductively to the Creator / First Cause of the Cosmos.

Human beings are mammals. Nonetheless, there is something unique about us that sets us apart form the rest of creation. What is it?

All phenomenon in the universe seek to interact and exchange energy -and advance towards a specific direction / intent. Why does the universe have this characteristic?

Everything needs to interact with two kinds of energies. which creates circular movement.

Existence depends on mutual benefit. Establishing a “common base” is a prerequisite for any kind of interaction. The human conscience takes this pursuit to its highest level.

Every entity mirrors God’s desire to divide and unite.

Four partner positions must harmonize by contributing and respond effectively to each other in order to establish the “Four Position Foundation” for existence, maintenance and growth.

All things exist in and through a “Four Position Foundation.”

All things exist because they are in relationships that figuratively or literally revolve around others.

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